Development of a new pulse generator

The reactor applied in the laboratory investigations had to be up scaled and upgraded to include automatic registration of input and output values of voltage/current. Therefore, a dedicated pulse generator has been developed  by Labor designed for application in the trials of the pilot plant.

The architecture of the pulse generator is based on three main blocks: 

  1. power supply section with programmable output voltage, 
  2. pulse shape section where DC voltage is manipulated according to the desired      duty-cycle and frequency, 
  3. control unit providing interface with the main control system and/or human manual intervention      and control signals for the other sections. 

The pulse generator can be also connected to a PC via serial USB interface to provide the user with remote control, monitoring and logging capabilities through aLabviewprogram. 

A preliminary alpha version of the pulse generator has been delivered during the first year of activities (for laboratory experiments); an up scaled version of the alpha, featuring the same architecture and capabilities (able to deliver up to 5kW in a wide voltage range), has been prototyped to perform full-scale tests and validate the bacteria inactivation mechanism in a test rig simulating vessel environment. 


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