Project Results

Project results will be continuously published on this site as the project proceeds.

Development of a new pulse generator

The reactor applied in the laboratory investigations had to be up scaled and upgraded to include automatic registration of input and output values of voltage/current. Therefore, a dedicated pulse generator has been developed  by Labor designed for application in the trials of the pilot plant.

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Development of the reactor electrodes

Based on results of preliminary laboratory investigations, a set of electrode grids have been developed and manufactured using 4 different alloys developed in the project.  The electrodes haven been subjected to functionality tests at TI using fresh seawater transported from the Oslo Fjord. Sea water was extracted at 60 m depth and with temperature of 8o C.  Before the tests, the seawater was filtered through a 10 ┬Ám filter to remove particles and then through a Carbon filter to remove organics.  After filtration, the water was filled in a 100L tank and heated to ambient temperature.

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Achieved test results

EcoSeaSafe addresses one of the major challenges with current state-of-the-art technologies, which is the possible formation of long-lived toxic substances both from UV and electrolytic treatment. So far, the project consortium has been successful in meeting the planned scientific and developmental project objectives.

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