The project includes the following beneficiaries:

Teknologisk Institutt as

TI is a non-profit, privately founded RTD organisation that has grown from a governmental institute into a highly competent company. TI offers personnel with a high level of skills and expertise in a great number of areas, among others development of industry technological solutions and transferring new technology to SMEs and large companies in its fields of competence. TI's activities are divided into the following business areas: Materials Technology, Product Development and Production Technology, Environment and Safety, R&D EU programmes, Indoor Environment, Calibration, Certification and Training Services. TI's material laboratory is one of the leading laboratories in Norway, strongly supported by the specialists knowledge of employees and the modern range of equipment used for undertaking materials and product tests which covers most industrial requirements. All tests performed, from raw materials to final products are in accordance with national or international standards, and TI possess considerable expertise in developing individual test programs in accordance with customers’ requirements.

The company is currently involved in several research projects within the EU FP6 and FP7. The product and process development projects span in a wide area of technological sectors, and among these a few examples may be mentioned: FishTankRecirc, CleanHull, OceanSaver, ClosedFishCage and ShipArrestor. TI is not an IPR holding or exploiting business.

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Sorbwater Technology AS

Sorbwater Technology is a Fluids Environmental Services company providing unique technology, processes, equipment and services to purify water and waste water from the oil and gas industry.

The company has developed its technologies and processes through extensive R&D activities starting back in 2005 which have lead to several patents. The team has built up an impressive technical and commercial track record, with many years of oil and gas industry experience.

Sorbwater Technology is dedicated to bringing entirely green solutions to help its customers to reach real zero discharge. Their Grey & Black Water Treatment Technology is developed and tested to meet the strictest discharge requirements (Alaska 2010 requirements) in meso scale, at real Grey & Black Water from cruise ships.

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o.m.t. - Oberflächen- und Materialtechnologie

o.m.t is an international technology company working with surface and material technologies for application in the areas of engineering, medicine and energy technology.

o.m.t aims to achieve quality leadershiop in the field of permanent, reliable and quality of life enhancing products. In this respect, all of the company's products are tested for their physico-chemical stability and biological effectiveness and acceptance through objective, transparent investigations.

Since its founding in 1987, o.m.t has developed its own technologies within modern, environmentally friendly ion- and plasma-surface and materials technology and used these to succeed in engineering, medicine and energy sectors.

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Fiskal Teknikk AS

Fiskal Teknikk was established in 2005 and is a leading company in design, manufacturing and maintenance of online analyzer and sample systems. Together with its recognized suppliers, Fiskal Teknikk also supply turnkey metering systems for the gas and process industry.

The company holds comprehensive competence within process analysis, process sampling as well as process metering, including a range services from instrumentation in the processing line to the final installed metering system and pre-fabricated analyser houses for online analysis and sampling systems. Fiskal Teknikk AS also offer (EPCIC) Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation & Commissioning solutions.

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StoGda Ship Design and Engineering Sp. z o.o.

StoGda is a consulting and engineering company established in 1997, working in the fields of shipbuilding (newbuilding, ship-repair and conversions, and construction surveys), offshore and technical vessels (floating coal (un)loading units, container pontoon, launching barges, drilling units blocks), and shore installations (natural gas installations, chemical installations). Furthermore, StoGda is involved in several EU-funded R&D projects solving challenges in the areas of ballast water treatment and water oxidation.

StoGda Design & Engineering offers technical assistance/support or developing of the documentation from the early stage of the project, like conceptual/contract design, through the basic design, detail engineering and finally support and assistance during vessel assembly and delivery to the owner. The company has successfully implemented the Quality Management System, according to ISO 9001 standard.

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Bollfilter - Protection systems

Bollfilter has supplied first class filtration equipment and OEM replacement parts throughout Europe for more than 60 years.

The company provides manually cleanable and automatically self-cleaning filters and strainers. Bollfilter’s manually cleanable units are for gross straining applications, or applications where the contaminant level is relatively low, however the company has also developed filters for oil and gas applications. Bollfilter supplies automatically backflushing self-clean units which are available in several models for use in systems that require filtration of oils, cooling emulsions, washing solutions, hydraulic fluids, or fuels.

Bollfilter continues to develop new innovations in strainer and filter technology. The R&D team maintains a steady program of development to provide greater protection, greater efficiency, and greater value in all applications.

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LABOR is a private research laboratory, part of the INNOVA group, aiming at developing new technologies and providing advanced research services to high-tech companies involved in a technological innovation process.

LABOR's main technological competences are in the following fields: hydrogen technologies, energy efficiency and renewable energies, electronics and industrial automation, materials and processes for energy and environment. The integration of the different internal competences allows the company to carry out highly interdisciplinary projects.

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